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We are having trouble seeing instruments at the bottom of our sink and ultrasonic cleaner because the water/enzymatic detergent solution is so cloudy. Is this normal?

My first suggestion is to refer you a previous blog question regarding cloudy enzymatic detergent solution (I have noticed our enzymatic detergent becomes cloudy in hot water.  Why does that happen?)

Low foaming detergents usually cloud in hot water for a reason: the “cloud-point surfactants” contained within are what makes these detergents low or non-foaming. My other suggestion is to ensure that you use the right amount of detergent (dosing per gallon) in your sink and ultrasonic cleaner. Overdosing the detergent, especially one with a cloud point surfactant, will increase the cloudiness of your solution once the detergent is brought to its “cloud point” temperature.

I also suggest that you have analysis performed on the water used in your sink and ultrasonic. The chemistry of your water may be reacting with the detergent you are using, causing excessive clouding. Once you get the results of your water testing, contact your cleaning chemistry manufacturer with the results to see if they have any special dosing ranges for your water type.