Deconex® TWIN PH10

Twin Component Cleaning System

deconex®TWIN PH10 / TWIN ZYME

For use in Washer/Disinfector for medical device and surgical instrument processing including flexible endoscopes and dental instruments. Especially suited for difficult to clean and heavily soiled instruments.

Special features of deconex®TWIN PH10 / TWIN ZYME:

• Excellent cleaning performance
• Low dosage
• High material compatibility
• Effective against biofilm
• pH>10
• does not require neutralization
• versatile
• low-foaming
• no discoloration
• good rinsability
• EDTA-free
• NTA-free
• Fragrance free
• Colorant free
• Biodegradable
• Recyclable packaging materials

Material compatibility

deconex®TWIN PH10 / TWIN ZYME offers outstanding material compatibility.

Suitable for:

Stainless steel, aluminum, anodized aluminum, titanium, copper, brass, zinc, tin, chrome-plated materials, plastics, elastomers including polyurethane, silicon, Teflon, rubber, latex, glass and ceramic materials. No known material incompatibility.


deconex®TWIN PH10 / TWIN ZYME is a highly effective, mildly alkaline 2-component cleaning system which is extremely gentle on materials, and which is used for uncompromising cleaning of all medical instruments and utensils including Minimally Invasive Surgical Instruments, dental instruments, anesthetic and respiratory equipment, materials made of rubber, latex or plastics, and rigid or flexible endoscopes in a washer-disinfector (WD and E-WD)

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